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We're excited to have some fantastic new faculty members joining us for Oxford Cultural Leaders, our leadership programme in partnership with the Said Business School, in 2018. Let's introduce some of them!

Applications for the 2018 course are currently open, closing 5 January 2018. Find out more.

Since Summer 2015 Creation Theatre has been working with the Ashmolean Museum on its 'Holiday Play in a Week' programme, which works with young people (13-16 years) to develop an abridged version of a play over the course of a week, which the young people then perform for family and friends in the museum.

In the Ashmolean Museum’s Rome Gallery you will find a half-life-sized bronze head of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-180) discovered near Brackley, Northamptonshire.  The piece is striking not only due to the bright blue glass inlaid eyes, but also its combination of Roman iconography and Celtic style.

In late June we were delighted to attend this year's University Museums Group conference with several Oxford colleagues. This year's theme was 'Digital Dimensions' and I was pleased to be able to help put together the conference programme. The conference was held at Bristol University in the Theatre collections, and big thanks to them for managing the event so effectively. 

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