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Last Friday Jeremy Ensor, Commercial Director at the Ashmolean Museum, was on the online panel for the Guardian Culture Professional Network’s live chat “Howto make the most of your Museum Shop”.

Last month Oxford ASPIRE held a sandpit event, bringing together staff from across the Oxford University Museums and the wider university to develop innovative new ideas for the museums. As part of the event, ASPIRE invited some key friends from within the university to present provocations, asking them the question: 'What does innovative museum practice look like to you?'

Percy Manning Workshop, 3 October 2014, Pitt Rivers Museum

Contributed by Mike Heaney

On 20 November 2013, 60 delegates from within roughly a two hour driving radius of Oxford gathered at the Museum of Natural History in Oxford to discuss the management and use of natural history collections in the tongue in cheek named conference Crap in the Attic? In particular the conference was designed to be an opportunity to discuss possible joint solutions to

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