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In the second half of 2014 the Oxforshire County Council Museums Service ran the Brize Norton Carts Project, funding by Arts Council England through the ASPIRE Major Partner Museum consortium.

At this year's Museums Association conference, ASPIRE pitched and chaired a session on Museum Development, bringing together three MD deliverers from different parts of the country that deliver MD in different ways. The sessions looked at what has been working for regional MD services, where change is needed, and what the future might hold.

Since launching in late October 2014 the Family Discover Arts Award logbook has been selling well – so far, over 80 children and their families have bought a copy.

For those who haven't been to visit us, the ASPIRE office is located deep in the bowels of the Museum of Natural History, down several corridors into a hidden, new section of the museum which also includes some fancy labs. We can't send our visitors out alone in fear of losing them.

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