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This is an archive site and is not updated. It represents works conducted by Oxford University Museums funded by Arts Council England between 2012-2018. For information about our current work please visit

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As a student at UCL, on the snappily titled ‘MSc for Conservation in Archaeology and Museums’, we undertake a ten-month internship within a conservation organisation, making up most of our second and final year of study.

“I firmly believe that the success of the sector is reliant on a new type of leader - one who embraces change; is entrepreneurial in outlook; who continually looks outwards to learn new things and yet is rooted in a strong sense of values, core purpose and public service.” Diane Lees, Director General, Imperial War Museums

From 6thNovember 2012-13th January 2013 the Museum of the History of Science is showing Fancy Games and Fun Toys, an exhibition revealing the entertaining and instructive world of Victorian optical toys from flip-books to phenakistis

In March this year, the Pitt Rivers VERVE team hosted a unique cinema event in collaboration with Oxford ASPIRE and Oxford University Humanities division. The event was funded as a pilot and comprised a film screening with live music, expert talks from academics and object handling.