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Arts Award Sharing Afternoon

6 July 15 -- jsuess

Since launching in late October 2014 the Family Discover Arts Award logbook has been selling well – so far, over 80 children and their families have bought a copy. But what happens after children and families have collected their logbooks, worked hard to complete them by visiting the museums, tried out lots of creative activities, shared their artwork and ideas and then finally handed their logbooks in at the Museum of Natural History Welcome Desk…?

This blogpost is about the final part of the Family Discover Arts Award process – the moderation and how much fun it is for the Family Friendly team to see all the hard work that has been happening in the logbooks. As you may already know we have three moderation dates each year (10th January, 10th May and 10th September) and logbooks that are handed in get kept safely until the next moderation date. This means the Family Friendly team can all sit down together and go through the logbooks and fill in a Discover Arts Award moderation form for each child. The moderation form shows that the children have met the criteria for the Discover Arts Award and also allows us to give some feedback on the most notable parts of the logbook which show the individual highlights of each child’s logbook.

Recently the Family Friendly team met together to moderate the logbooks handed in in time for our May moderation date. We had nine lovely logbooks to look at from children aged between five and eleven years of age. Several sets of logbooks came from brothers and sisters – it was great to see the similarities and differences between these logbooks. Some families had visited other museums and galleries such as Tate Modern and Tate Britain other logbooks focussed on the Oxford University Museums – the great thing about Discover Arts Award is that both approaches are fine and all the children had enough evidence in their logbooks to pass.


All the Family Friendly team were impressed with the range of art activities and materials young people had used from drawing and painting through to wax crayon scratch art, felt making, collage, beadwork, textiles, manga illustration, 3d construction, marbling and photography. We also loved seeing the photographs of children and families taking part in arts activities such as Family Friendly sessions and visiting museums and galleries! We completed a moderation sheet for each child which will be returned to them with their completed logbook and Discover Arts Award Certificate.

Once we’ve moderated all the logbooks we upload the information to Arts Award who then process the certificates for us. The certificates take four - six weeks to arrive from Arts Award and we e-mail all the families as soon as the logbooks and certificates are ready for collection from the Museum of Natural History Welcome Desk. We look forward to the most recently moderated group of children coming into the museum in a few weeks to collect their logbooks and certificates. We are sure that the logbooks will be treasured for many years to come!

A big well done to all the children we recently moderated from the Family Friendly team. You all really deserve your Discover Arts Award and we really hoped you enjoyed being creative and visiting the Oxford University Museums and Collections. 

Our next moderation hand in date for Discover Arts Award is September 10th 2015 – we are already looking forward to seeing a new batch of uniquely completed logbooks!