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Hanney Brooch Project: Kingsmoor Day Club Event

10 July 13 -- jsuess
This post is by Jemma Shepherd, Learning and Access Officer, Oxfordshire Museums Service. The work described is funded by Arts Council England through Oxford ASPIRE.

In late May, the Hanney Brooch and the County Council Museums Team visited a group of ladies from Hinton Waldrist’s Kingsmoor Day Club.

The ladies from the club had the opportunity to look at the Hanney Brooch and other examples of Anglo Saxon jewellery with Archaeological Conservator Sarah Morton.  They held restored Anglo Saxon pottery and other Anglo Saxon objects.  There was a lively discussion about the brooches and reminiscence about how jewellery had changed during their lifetime.

Artist Helen Jacobs demonstrated the technique of silver clay jewellery making to us all.  Especially exciting was when she lit the blow torch and melted away the left over clay from the metal and left a beautiful metal leaf behind.

They began to make their own pieces of jewellery, rolling out the silver clay before using objects like buttons and lace to make indentations.  One lady painted a leaf with liquid clay to form a gorgeous leaf pattern.

When each person had finished their designs, the clay was dried with a hair dryer ready to be fired.

After this, they were set underneath the blowtorch and they all saw their design being fired and the clay burnt off leaving their design in silver beneath.  Everybody was impressed with what they had achieved.

Next all the pieces were rubbed with wire wool to ensure they were at their shiniest.  Before you knew it, each lady had their own piece of silver jewellery.

The jewellery made on that day has been kindly loaned by the group to The Oxfordshire Museum to be displayed for the launch of the new History in the Making gallery on Saturday 20th July.

We are looking forward to seeing some of the ladies there to see their work displayed in the gallery.

Read more about the Hanney Brooch project in over previous post: History in the Making.

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