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Museums - Adaptive Leadership

2 July 13 -- jsuess

Adaptive Leadership for Museums: knowing when the 'business as usual' approach is no longer sufficient

Article published on the Museum Identity website by Robert Thorpe, Director of Operations, Ashmolean Museum and Lucy Shaw, Oxford ASPIRE Manager, Oxford University Museums.

Robert and Lucy recently wrote an article for Museum Identity on adaptive leadership in museums, risk, experimentation and seeding new ideas.

The article was a response to Arts Council England's (ACE) statement about its 'commitment to leadership development, exploring what constitutes excellent, honest, corageous and adaptive leadership' as an exploration of what this means for museums and their leaders.

Museums are operating in a highly challenging environment - economically, politcally and socially.  The sector needs leaders who can respond to these challenges and who are prepared to experiment and take risks with new business models and ways of working whilst supporting and creating a climate for new ideas.

Robert Thrope is Director of Operations at the Ashmolean Museum, which is a department of the University of Oxford and part of Oxford ASPIRE, a consortium of the Oxford University Museums and the Oxfordshire County Council Museums Service.  Robert previously worked in a number of organistions includung Barclays PLC, where he ran the Group's worldwide management development programme and was Project and Risk Director in the high net-worth business unit.  A graduate of the University of Oxford and a holder of an MBA, Robert is a successful business coach and mentor.

Lucy Shaw is the Oxford ASPIRE Manager and has worked in the museum sector since the early 1990s, first as a social history curator in the East Midlands, followed by a stint at the Museums and Galleries Commission where she bagan to develop a strategic interest in the sector.  Before joining ASPIRE in August 2012 she worked as a consultant specialising in workforce and organisational development.  One of her main clients was the Museums Association for whom she coordinated the Diversify, Monument Fellowship, Support and Challenge and Smarter Museums prgrammes.  Lucy is a trained facilitator and coach.

Read the full article on Adaptive Leadership for Museums on the Museum Identity website.

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