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Natural History Symposium 2013

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, in partnership with Oxford ASPIRE, would like to invite colleagues from organisations with natural history collections in the region to 'Crap in the Attic?': a symposium on the challenges facing natural history collections in the region, the role of natural history collections within the wider sector, and what the region needs in order to ensure the future of these significant collections.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 10:30

This free event is designed as a consultation with organisations within a 2 hour driving radius of Oxford with natural history collections: those with teams of curators willing to share their expertise, those with lone curators who might need support or additional training, and those without either the expertise or the capacity to care for and make best use of their natural history collections.


The day will aim to identify what collections are in the region, what expertise we have, and what we lack, and to discuss possible solutions to shared problems. For example, is there a need for a regional peripatetic curator in natural history? It will also look at current best practice in using natural history collections for public engagement and schools education, and at new opportunities for teaching, especially in light of the impact of changes to the history curriculum.


Delegates are invited to arrive at 10.30 for an 11.00am start. Lunch will be provided and we aim to finish by 17.15pm. There will be plenty of time for networking, and behind the scenes tours of the museum and its facilities.


The day will include several keynote talks:

  • Introductory keynote, Professor Paul Smith, Director, Oxford University Museum of Natural History

  • Collections Snapshot: reviewing biological collections in the West Midlands, Luanne Meehitiya, Curator of Natural Sciences, Birmingham Museums Trust

  • Natural History Collections and Object-Based Learning, Janet Stott, Head of Education, Oxford University Museums of Natural History

  • Using natural history collections for biological recording, Steve Hewitt, Keeper of Natural Science, Tullie House Museum.



The day will also include two panel discussions. The first will be on the challenges facing regional natural history collections and potential solutions, to be chaired by Darren Mann, Head of Life Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The second panel will discuss the use of natural history collections for learning, research and engagement, chaired by Monica Price, Head of Earth Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

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