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What's happening at our Museums? (Part 2)

12 August 13 -- jsuess

Grab a taste of some of our Audience Engagement activities that have been happening at our museum over the last quarter (April-June 2013).

Cowley Road Carnival @OxfordUniversityMuseums
The Oxford University Museums coordinated all the workshops i the lead up to Cowley Road Carnival: twelve schools, six workshops at each school, starting with a visit to one of the museums, or the mini plant. Each workshop was run by two artists, one performance one visual, and supported by our HLF education interns. The workshops were run in partnership with Fusion Arts and Pegasus Theatre, and funded by the University.

Objects of Invention @HistoryofScience

The Museum of the History of Science teamed up with a group of young engineers to deliver special events all about the wonders of design and invention. Museum staff gave tours of the collection explaining some of the ancient marvels of engineering, and the students from the University's Biomedical Engineering Research Group demonstrated their cutting edge research. This was funded by the Royal Academy of Engineers 'Ingenious' scheme.

Portable Antiquities Scheme @Ashmolean
The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) exists to record objects found by members of the public and enter them onto an online database. Since it began in 1997, PAS has recorded over 750,000 objects of all periods of history from Palaeolithic flints to eighteenth-century coins and has become an important source of new archaeological data to be used by students and academics in their research. After reopening in 2009 the Ashmolean began a monthly ‘identification service’ for artefacts and coinage. Through this service, PAS has recorded hundreds of objects, many of which would probably not have come to PAS’s attention in any other way. The importance of PAS and local finds to the Ashmolean can be seen in the displays of local material around the museum, especially the ‘England 400-1600’ and ‘Money’ galleries, the latter housing a set of drawers including a range of finds made by a local metal-detectorist.

Natural History Day Schools @MusuemofNaturalHistory

The Museum of Natural History ran three say schools for the general public on geological themes, organised in conjunction with the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. The first two were held in the Museum and combined a series of lectures with opportunities to examine related specimens. The third day was entirely field based, and involved a trip to Leckhampton and Cleve Hill, Gloucestershire, to investigate their Jurassic limestone strata.

Does it Matter? @Ashmolean
Leading artists and scholars talked about hot topics in contemporary art, culture and philosophical thought. The programme included a high profile lecture by Grayson Perry, introduced by Caro Howell. (In partnership with artisjustafourletterword).

Out and About on the Cowley Road @MuseumofOxford
Working with the Oxfordshire Skills and Learning Service, the Museums has just completed a 6 week documentary film project involving eight adults with learning disabilities. The learners collected interviews and memories from local shopkeepers and passers-by to create a documentary about the local areas that will be displayed in the Museum of Oxford 'East Oxford from Above' exhibition opening September 2013.

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