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New Micro-Consultancy launched

29 January 13 -- jsuess

The Museum Development Service for the Berkshire-Oxfordshire-Buckinghamshire (BOB) region is pleased to announce the new "Museum Development Micro-Consultancy Programme", which has been set up to provide opportunities for museums and relevant groups to recruit their own consultants/freelancers in order to support their specified aims and objectives,

This programme is the result of evaluation of past Museum Development projects, which shoed that small to medium sized projects support working alongside the local Museum Development Officer and a contacted consultant worked best.  The Museum Development Service also wante dto provide opportunities that were tailored to museums' specific needs and timetables.  To to £5,000 per project, consultancy is available for work that can be completed by the end of May 2013.

Attached you can find: 

Further enquiries should be sent to the Museum Development Officer:

The deadline for applications is 22nd February, and successful museums will be notified by 1st March.

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