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How did you become a.... Collections Manager?

15 December 13 -- jsuess

I considered a number of different careers before moving into museum work. All through school I imagined myself becoming a doctor, and I chose my A levels with that in mind. I actually started at Cambridge, but quickly realised it wasn’t for me and moved to Cardiff the following year to start a degree in nursing, thinking this might bring me into closer contact with patients.

Question Time: Museum Development

26 November 13 -- jsuess

At this year's Museums Association conference, ASPIRE pitched and chaired a session on Museum Development, bringing together three MD deliverers from different parts of the country that deliver MD in different ways. The sessions looked at what has been working for regional MD services, where change is needed, and what the future might hold.

What is a Development Partner?

12 February 13 -- jsuess

Development Partnerships are formal non-funded relationships between an Oxford ASPIRE Museums and strategically selected partner museums with the purpose of nurturing the partner museum's growth in a specific are of expertise.  Activity takes the form of targeted, time limited pieces of work, designed to address and identified need.  The desired end result is an increased shared knowledge base and a step up in the partner museum's delivery in the relevant area of work.

New Micro-Consultancy launched

29 January 13 -- jsuess

The Museum Development Service for the Berkshire-Oxfordshire-Buckinghamshire (BOB) region is pleased to announce the new "Museum Development Micro-Consultancy Programme", which has been set up to provide opportunities for museums and relevant groups to recruit their own consultants/freelancers in order to support their specified aims and objectives,

Doing the best you can: thinking about fundraising and philanthropy

4 January 13 -- jsuess
On 12th December ASPIRE hosted its second knowledge sharing event for museum professionals, Doing the best you can: an introduction to the ASPIRE fundraising series.

Delegates – from Bedfordshire, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire, Reading, Warwickshire and Worcestershire – were taken through the day by Judy Niner from Development Partners, a consultancy working with over 80 different organisations on areas such as fundraising strategy, trust applic

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