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Unearthing an Anglo-Saxon pattern-welded sword

20 December 13 -- jsuess

In the Oxfordshire County Collections there is a sword.

It dates to around 450-550 AD and is Anglo-Saxon. It was made using a technique called pattern-welding and would have had an intricate herringbone pattern along its blade. Belonging to somebody wealthy, it would have been a symbol of status.

It may have slain men in battle. It may have been kept as a treasured, family heirloom and passed on from one generation to the next. It may have had a name.

Museum Matches

10 December 13 -- jsuess

On 26 November 2013, the Museum of Natural History hosted the first "Museum Matches" event as part of a joint museums project with the Ashmolean Museum aimed at engaging students from across the university with museum objects.

The idea for the event came out of the Oxford ASPIRE Innovation Day where colleagues from across the Oxford University Museums came together to discuss ideas for innovative new ways of working, and was supported by the ASPIRE Innovation Fund.

Question Time: Museum Development

26 November 13 -- jsuess

At this year's Museums Association conference, ASPIRE pitched and chaired a session on Museum Development, bringing together three MD deliverers from different parts of the country that deliver MD in different ways. The sessions looked at what has been working for regional MD services, where change is needed, and what the future might hold.


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