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What was the project?

This morning we attended the launch of the new Thames Valley Museums Group (TVMG) website, hosted at the River & Rowing Museum

At the end of a year (calendar, academic or financial) we often find ourselves spending a bit of time reviewing our data for the year to understand how we are doing.

This year I spent a few minutes with the press clippings we have collected over the last 12 months to get an idea of who has been talking about us and what they have been saying - and there's no more fun, light touch way to look at this data than a Wordle!

On 23rdApril 2013, over 40 delegates from around the country gathered at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford for a day of discussion around fundraising from Trusts and Foundations.  Delegates came from organisations such as the Barber InstituteMuseums Sheffield