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On 22nd July 2015 we welcomed over 100 delegates from across the UK to the Museum of Natural History in Oxford for a one day conference dedicated to in-gallery engagement techniques.

Grab a taste of some of our Audience Engagement activities that have been happening at our museum over the last quarter (April-June 2013).

For our first event in our Fundraising and Philanthropy series this year we teamed up with a cohort of early-career fundraisers from the Arts Fundraising Fellowship Programme.  With changes to public funding structures and access to funding streams becoming more competitive cultural organisations are finding the need to diversify is more important than ever.

Development Partnerships are formal non-funded relationships between an Oxford ASPIRE Museums and strategically selected partner museums with the purpose of nurturing the partner museum's growth in a specific are of expertise.  Activity takes the form of targeted, time limited pieces of work, designed to address and identified need.

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