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Bronze Arts Award event at The Oxfordshire Museum

2 December 13 -- jsuess
Contributed by Anna Griffiths, County Collections Project Officer, Oxfordshire County Council Museums Service

On 18th November 15 year 8 students from Marlborough School joined us after school for an event at The Oxfordshire Museum. The event was part of their Bronze Art Award, a national qualification that they are participating in thanks to funding from Arts Council England through the Oxford ASPIRE consortium.

The Arts Award students were excited to see a real Anglo-Saxon sword

They were first introduced to archaeologist Lauren Gilmour who introduced them to the Anglo-Saxon period and showed them a number of beautiful and interesting Anglo-Saxon artefacts from the county collections. These included brooches, pins and a pattern-welded long sword that proved particularly popular.

Drawing artefacts using strips of masking tape

After they had spent some time looking carefully at the objects they were joined by artist Helen Jacobs who got them drawing the objects through some short, fun activities that really tested them, such as drawing without looking and drawing with strips of masking tape.

They then headed to the History in the Making exhibition to find out more about the Romans and Anglo-Saxons and to see work produced by community groups as part of the History in the Making project, before taking part in more drawing exercises in the galleries.

The students gather together all their work to go into their personal portfolios

The pupils left with lots of sketches, photographs, inspiration and ideas, plus a lot to reflect upon.

This event forms one quarter of their Bronze Art Award and will be followed up with a pewter workshop led by Helen back at their school in December. Throughout the project the students are carrying out individual research into their own art heroes and heroines (including Banksy and David Hockney) and keeping portfolios and diaries to evidence all of their work.

Drawing objects on display in the Oxfordshire Museum

The results of all their hard work will be shared in a special event at the Museum in the New Year, and we cannot wait to see what they produce.