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What's on our Walls

21 August 13 -- jsuess

For those who haven't been to visit us, the ASPIRE office is located deep in the bowels of the Museum of Natural History, down several corridors into a hidden, new section of the museum which also includes some fancy labs. We can't send our visitors out alone in fear of losing them.

Even here in the more new and remote sections of the museum, where few specimens are kept, there are interesting things to be found, for example, a series of watercolours and sketches by the likes of Ruskin, Philips and Acland for the design of the museum.

Conserving the Collections: An Internship at the Pitt Rivers Museum

3 May 13 -- jsuess
As a student at UCL, on the snappily titled ‘MSc for Conservation in Archaeology and Museums’, we undertake a ten-month internship within a conservation organisation, making up most of our second and final year of study. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to spend 5 months of this time at the Pitt Rivers Museum.


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