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How did you become a.... Collections Manager?

15 December 13 -- jsuess

I considered a number of different careers before moving into museum work. All through school I imagined myself becoming a doctor, and I chose my A levels with that in mind. I actually started at Cambridge, but quickly realised it wasn’t for me and moved to Cardiff the following year to start a degree in nursing, thinking this might bring me into closer contact with patients.

ASPIRE Event Follow Up: Learning Outcomes

4 December 13 -- jsuess

I work as a freelance consultant in the South West of England currently as Coordinator for the South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries. Working from home as a freelancer gives a degree of flexibility but can be isolating. This year I have been lucky enough to attend several of the Oxford ASPIRE training workshops which have provided a good opportunity to get out and network. It is also a chance to learn new skills and broaden knowledge of a subject, and learn about what’s going on in the area.

Crap in the Attic?

27 November 13 -- jsuess

On 20 November 2013, 60 delegates from within roughly a two hour driving radius of Oxford gathered at the Museum of Natural History in Oxford to discuss the management and use of natural history collections in the tongue in cheek named conference Crap in the Attic? In particular the conference was designed to be an opportunity to discuss possible joint solutions to shared problems facing the natural science collections in the region.

Question Time: Museum Development

26 November 13 -- jsuess

At this year's Museums Association conference, ASPIRE pitched and chaired a session on Museum Development, bringing together three MD deliverers from different parts of the country that deliver MD in different ways. The sessions looked at what has been working for regional MD services, where change is needed, and what the future might hold.

Diversifying Skills in Museum Technical Service Teams

27 October 13 -- jsuess

On 8th October 2013 technical services staff from the four Oxford University Museums and the Bodleian Library came together to recount experiences and discuss opportunities to share training and equipment. As part of this meeting we were treated to a tour of the Pitt Rivers Museum's technical workshop and a glimpse behind the scenes at their current redisplay work.


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